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Getting started


Rackets are your source of income and resources. Check them often to collect payouts. Upgrade them to increase the payouts. There are 8 rackets you can upgrade. Upgrading is free and costs only time.


This is your source of income and your cash vault. You can collect every 15 minutes. Upgrading increases the cash payout.


This is how you can regenerate health. Upgrade to increase how much you heal. Your maximum health is determined by how many recruits you have.


This is where your resources are held. Upgrading will increase its storage capacity.

Fight Club

Your Fight Club is where your recruits train to fight. Every level upgraded allows you to fight with +5 more recruits in battle. If your Fight Club is level 10, then you can fight with 50 recruits. The fight list will show mobsters starting at your Fight Club level. There are no level restrictions when fighting, however winning against lower clubs can degrade your racket qualities.

Steelworks, Refinery, Stone Quarry, and Lumber Yard

Collect your resources often. Upgrading increases production output. Resources are used to upgrade recruits, build equipment and place bounties.

More rackets will unlock as you upgrade your base rackets. Some require you have level 10 recruits. Your bounty amount is calculated from the levels of all your rackets. Increase your bounty to make it harder for enemies to place a hit out on you.


Unlock the Murder University and send your level 10 recruits to become Assassins. You can rename, change its image, and modify its stats on the Assassins page. Everytime an assassin levels up it recieves points to increase either Attack, Defense, Inteligence and Health.

You can send Assassins to defend other players. Your Assassin will gain cash every time they win fights. The other player must have their Fight Club at level 5 or greater. You can send 5 Assassins and 1 more for every 10 levels of their Fight club. The cash your Assassins gain depends on their Inteligence and the players Casino and Fight Club levels.

Mobsters: Army of Assassins

Mobsters: Army of Assassins is a new online RPG. Build a mob and upgrade your city. @mobstersAoA Upgrade your inventory to become stronger and defeat your enemies.

Join millions of registered mobsters for free, play the real mafia game online with friends, join in and make your own gang, role play as the cunning, smart mobster, beat the odds against rival gangsters, and become The Mafia Boss.

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Mobsters AoA

is very similar to the epic Myspace playdom mobsters, but with a few major differences. Very similar to Mob Wars and Mafia Wars except featured items are free drops. There are no properties or virtual equipment to buy and your family you fight with is virtual. You already own them, but they need to be upgraded. Upgrading costs resources which are generated by your city.

Upgrading city buildings increases their output and increases your bounty value.

There is a

Family section

, were you can accept invites and gift your top mob family, but having family is not need for fighting. You will build and upgrade recuits to fight with.

Your Fight club

level determines how many recruits you can take in battle. Each level allows you to fight with five recruits. But your recruits will need to be equipped, so build and upgrade weapons, armor, vehicles, aircraft, explosives and tech. Each recrute will need one of each.

Building equipment costs resources but upgrading is free. When upgrading you can specify attack or defense attributes.

Recuits have ten levels. Each level is stronger then the previous, costs more resoureces and takes more time. When going to battle, your strongest recuits are used. Place a bounty on your opponents head. Attack and collect loot. Copyright 2020 Reaper Axe Digital Solutions. RA Digital Solutions. Reagan Almodoro Digital Solutions. Add your top mob. Collect income. Ice your opponent. Ask your mob family for help. @mobstersAoA

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